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Starting small…

on June 4, 2012

“In baseball, my theory is to strive for consistency, not to worry about the numbers. If you dwell on statistics you get shortsighted, if you aim for consistency, the numbers will be there at the end.” –Tom Seaver

My usual modus operandi when I get all jazzed up about something is to change EVERYTHING now. Make it all better. Take away all the bad. This routine is totally overwhelming and lasts about 2 days (if that). Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about consistency and what that means over the span of someone’s life. If I were to be completely honest I have, in the past, been the most consistent inconsistent person. I get excited and start, stay excited while there’s visible benefit, putter out… and eventually quit. Then I get deflated and stay off the bandwagon until my next external motivation. This doesn’t work!


With all of this in mind, I’m starting today fresh and clear with no guilt and I’m making small additions and subtractions over a long period of time. Today for instance was the beginning of week 2 of doing 10 minute workouts in the morning with my hubby. We are not running a marathon, we are not doing crossfit, we are not saving the planet… yet. We are just taking a day at a time by doing this workoutIn addition we are walking after meals, taking the stairs, and parking farther away from the store. Is this even beneficial, working out for 10 minutes a day, you ask?

Here is what consistency in you life will do:

  • Consistency increases yield. Right now 1 unit of effort gives you 1 unit of result (or maybe <1 unit which can be frustrating). This is the boulder of getting started with something it’s hard to push but once it’s rolling you’ve got serious momentum and the same 1 unit of effort will yield 10 units of results. #boom!
  • Consistency increases capacity. When we say “I don’t have time to workout”, “I don’t have time to prepare healthy meals and snacks”, “I don’t have time to serve people or to make the Earth better”… we’re right, we don’t. When those patterns are built into our lives over time our capacity to do those and other things grows. That’s exciting news!
  • Consistency increases credibility. Everyone has an intrinsic need to be living a life on purpose for a purpose. If that purpose cannot be seen by the fruit currently on the tree of our lives this means we are making no impact. When we’re consistent we have credible, tangible, helpful things to offer others and better impact our worlds.
  • Consistency increases influence. You may feel like you can barely help yourself right now, and that’s OK. We can start the journey towards helping you become stronger, together. If you have something to offer others I know that you will find life’s greatest happiness in giving it away… for free!

Will a 10 minute workout make a difference? I guess only time will tell 😉


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